I have not been able to attend mass in person for some time. Due to personal reasons and at some times I’m not able to book a slot. Even though I pray to Jesus daily and catch up on daily readings on catholic.sg. I still find that there is something missing.

I have been asking myself what’s missing. I attend the Mass on Zoom or YouTube. I love how churches are becoming connected. But human interaction and gathering are things that we humans crave for. While working from home is a great solution to freeing ourselves from the time needed to travel, but I also miss the interaction i have with my fellow colleagues, There are days I’m really glad I don’t have to see my co workers. But there are times when I miss the lunch time catch up and the standing over your table banter. Same goes for attending Mass in person, we could say “peace be with you” to the parishioner next to us and have a coffee in the canteen. We are after all humans and we are born to crave the human connection.

With COVID-19 vaccines making way for looser recommendations around distancing , many have been able to get back to normal operations again. But some are not rushing to return to how things were, opting instead to rethink how and why they gather.

As we are opening up now and as work from home becomes 50%. The church will have more slots available for bookings. We can look forward to life post pandemic. Except that I have to get myself fully vaccinated, first.

Written by:

Kelly Gabrielle Loh