Whether we feel if we were born to be a leader or not, all of us have been given leadership in some area. As Christ-centred leaders, our goal is to positively influence others and change hearts according to the Word of God.

We can show Christ in our workplace and through leadership by being responsible, living life with morals and ethics, acting with integrity and holding ourselves accountable for our actions. We can be mindful, value others and learn to listen patiently.

We can show:




However, as we move into 2020, entering into a new decade and ending the old one, perhaps we can focus on Christ-centred leadership, in particular, focusing on social virtues.

Social Virtues

There’s justice and prudence and temperance and fortitude, faith, and hope, and love. But do you recall the social virtues at all?

Thankfulness and affability are some social virtues that show us how Catholics should connect with others in social situations.


Thankfulness is the social virtue by which we acknowledge people and their generosity. It’s not just a customary expression of thanks when someone does something nice. It means going out of your way to show people your gratitude for them going out of their way for you.


Affability is another word for approachability. It means you’re free to talk and free to help. You don’t mind people knocking on your door to tell you something. It is another social virtue that makes us put others before ourselves.  Being introverted is not an excuse to avoid these virtues. An introverted person can most certainly have a heart focused on other people, and that is what’s at the heart of the social virtues.

Remember the parable of the lepers in Luke 17:11-19. Jesus heals ten lepers, and only one returns to thank him. Jesus asks, “Where are the other nine?”

Jesus regularly healed those who approached him out of the blue, showing affability. Jesus showed the social virtues, and so should we.

No matter the position we are currently in, it is important that we are ambassadors of Christ, by being affable (approachable) to others and being thankful for all that we have.

By Julianne Danielle Lim