How Have We Changed As a Community?

Reflecting as we approach Feast Day 2019, I have grown leaps and bounds in my faith in the last year, and so have many others in CSM who have testified they too that they have changed drastically to be more and more like the person God made us to be.

The faith formation sessions have enabled me to feel so touched by the Word of God. During the movies held in St Michael’s room I teared secretly because they were so moving when explained in a Christ-centred perspective. I have felt my heart move many times! Praising and worshiping God in Song makes my soul leap for joy in song that I feel alive. I definitely have changed because of the times in adoration at our Lord’s feet when He made me feel how much He loves me.

Bunking in with different room mates and late night coffee at the inter-ministry retreats were really where I got to know many more people in the parish and these have allowed me to spend time in good company. I now look forward to coming to church, not only to serve God, but also to a place where I call my community now.

By Julianne Danielle Lim