“Covid-19 has revealed the flaws of the Catholic Church in Singapore when all physical gathering or activity was put on hold. We must not go back to before Covid-19 times but to ask the Lord to help us to keep moving, towards constant renewal for our Catholic Church to reach out to more people, especially the youths and young adults in Singapore.”

– Father Terence Pereira 

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind

– Romans 12:2

Bold New Frontiers for Mission

As we approach our Feast Day, we are mindful that with Phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker (CB) during COVID19, current guidelines allow a maximum of 50 people to gather for the Eucharistic Celebration. All physical catechism classes are still closed, and programmes, activities, meetings and other physical events in church are also cancelled or put on hold. How will we use this as an opportunity to celebrate our Patron’s Saint’s day of St Michael, differently?


Potential to Witness the Power of Renewal

The urgency to witness arose when the world-wide pandemic of the Coronavirus occurred. The Circuit Breaker measures in Singapore forced the Catholic Church in our nation, and our parish of CSM to think of new ways to bring about greater physical attendance at the ECs. The time has presented itself as a new norm in Singapore to participate in online ECs. Our very own CSM parish EXCO, PPC and Formation leaders are moving with the Holy Spirit, as we pray together, and use mass media to celebrate our CSM Feast Day virtually to meet our parish vision. Celebrating in a different format and bringing a new experience of Praise & Worship, Talks and Sharing by our very own sisters and brothers, with EC celebrated by our Parish Priests. Come and experience our very own CSM Disciples in Christ, bearing witness!

CSM Feast Day 2020 Celebrations

23-25 September 2020 (Wed to Fri)

Time: 7:30pm

Register: tinyurl.com/FeastDayTriduum

Bring People to Jesus

Traditionally, pre-COVID-19 in the Catholic Church,  and in our parish, we never really had discussions of what would the Catholic Church and our parish look like if we involved the use of mass media in our Eucharistic Celebrations (EC), worship and testimonials.

If we work together, we can easily spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth in just a few short years. But this means going beyond the #selfie. We start with the Kerygma – bearing witness to the unconditional love God has for us. The power is in our faith story and that we share this good news.


Watch out for our CSM Faith Stories at the Feast Day Celebration ECs and more on CSM’s website stmichael.catholic.sg

Creativity for the Church

We are made in the image of God. We are made to use our God-given creativity to cultivate the potential of the creation around us. And COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to answer the call to creativity, to shift in the way we view the gospel and understand in new ways, our role in transforming our parish culture. We are very blessed to have our CSM Parish Priests guiding us. Our creativity was and will always be an instrument of worship. The Gospel re-creates all of us so that every part of us—including our creativity—is from Christ, through Christ, and to Christ.


In brand new ways, our small group communities, youth groups and formation groups, are coming together to re-create our creativity in the way we praise our Lord- to sing, dance, rap, share on talk shows, podcasts and create digital art, so that it can do what he made it to do – bring Jesus glory, forever. Do look out for them on all CSM’s media platforms!


May the Holy Spirit lead us in being creative together for our Lord!


Follow our Parish’s Media and witness how we renew together:


By Julianne Danielle Lim