The Wilderness may seem like a place of desolation – it is an open, vulnerable place where there are possibilities of attacks from wild beasts and temptations, but it is also a place where as Psalm 144:1 says, “Blessed be the LORD my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.” The Israelites were led through the desert, to prepare their hearts and to purify them that they may become true people of God.

Give Thanks

I give thanks for this time and this season of searching, defining, preparation, and purification.


Holy Spirit help me to see as you see. Purify my vicinity, my heart, my intentions, works, thoughts, and deeds. Purify this time of discernment.

Find God

I look upon my day to search out the fingerprints of God.

Anything Wrong?

Did I trust God at every moment of the journey? Where I was ungrateful, I repent, and offer thanks.

What now?

I look forward in hope. What do I need to do and to avoid?


Lord God, you know my seasons and my times, help me in this Lenten journey to always know that I am marked by the sign of Your Holy Cross, and the seal of the Holy Spirit. Lead me along the right path and help me be docile to Your Will.

By Brian Bartholomew Tan