When God created Man, The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18

As humans, we don’t flourish as people by being isolated and living by ourselves but by engaging as full members of our community. We have an obligation to help and support those around while at the same time allow ourselves to be supported.

For those who are in ministries or small communities at church, they would tend to have meetings where listening is part of an important element in a dialogues. Listening is crucial in our relationship to one another and our relationship with God. These relationships are intertwined as God can be speaking to us through one another.

Listening  to the other can be a complex process and it requires attention. We are often distracted by sudden desires to send a text message or check out an Instagram story which pulls us away from our conversation. With meetings now on Zoom, there is an even greater need to be there and listen not just with our ears but with our head and heart.

To be there for your community members, a personal investment of our being is required, a distracted presence will not do as the other party could be sharing a very personal story of themselves.  We must root ourselves in our faith to God and devote ourselves to daily prayer. Ask the Lord to give help us listen and to understand the other.

When we listen intently, we may at times hear God speaking to us through our friend, colleague. The good example of the other, their dedication to their prayer and life of faith can be an example for us. And leads us closer to God


Kelly Gabrielle Loh