“As disciples of the Petals Ministry, we humbly serve under the Holy Spirit’s guidance, beautifying God’s sacred banquets and worship events. With dedicated hands, we create an atmosphere of reverence and awe in the glorious presence of God.”


Flower Arrangement Theme – “The Vineyard of the Lord”

The bouquet serves as a reflection of the abundant grace bestowed upon us by the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a representation of his unending blessings and provisions in our lives.


The lush green foliage that forms the foundation of the flower arrangement symbolizes the manifold grace of God that sustains us. It reminds us that everything we have and all that we are, is ultimately a gift from God. None of our achievements or successes would have been possible without His grace. These blessings are not earned through our own efforts but are freely given by God.


The “Viburnum Blue Berries” within the bouquet are reminiscent of the fruits in vineyards, signifying the abundance of blessings that flow from a life lived in gratitude and thanksgiving to God. They serve as a gentle reminder to continually express our appreciation for the grace bestowed upon us.


The vibrant “Purple Hyacinths” and “Yellow Billy Button”, blossoming with beauty, represent the transformative power of following the Lord faithfully. They encourage us to embrace grace, to be gracious towards others, to offer thanks for God’s blessings, and to repent of our sins. By aligning ourselves with the ways of the Lord, we too can experience the fullness of life, just like the flowers in full bloom.


As we gaze upon this bouquet, may it serve as a visual reminder of the graciousness of God and the importance of living in gratitude, extending kindness, and seeking repentance. Let us cherish the abundance of grace and strive to reflect it in our daily lives.

Philippians 4:9

“What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, do; and the God of peace will be with you.”



During the Sunday Eucharist Celebration at the Church of St. Michael, the Petals Ministry dedicates themselves to creating visually stunning flower displays that reflect the readings of the day and adorn all over the worship hall. These carefully crafted bouquets hold deep significance and are intricately related to the Sunday’s Gospel.


As disciples of the Petals Ministry, we understand the importance of the weekly banquet in honouring our Heavenly Father and Christ. Every Sunday is a grand celebration, and it is our utmost priority to present the most exquisite bouquet for this occasion.


We humbly offer you weekly writings that accompany these special arrangements, reminding you of their significance in relation to the Sunday’s reading. May these floral displays serve as a constant reminder of God’s glory and the profound messages conveyed in the Scriptures.


Written by Petals Ministry