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What are the sins of others that you are quick to judge but slow to realize in yourself?

How have you condemned others for very things you do, failing to realize that we are all sinners, brothers and sisters on the same journey?

When we have a great log in our eyes, how can we see clearly enough to take out the splinter in our brother’s (Luke 6:41-42)?

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Lenten Reflections- Mon to Sat (Daily Time: 7pm. Only Sat: 6.45pm)

Stations of the Cross- All Fri (Time: 7am and 7pm)

Parish Cleaning Day – 6 April, Sat

Time: 7am (starting with breakfast and praise & worship)

You Gotto Move it, Move it!- 7 Apr, Sun

Time: 12noon – 2pm (Venue: Level 3 Classrooms)

Penitential Service- 9 Apr, Tue

Time: 8pm (at Church of St Michael)

Briefing- Pilgrimage: St Paul’s Journey  (Greece)- 14 Apr, Sun

Time and Venue to be advised

CSM Family Vacation Time- 20 to 23 Jun, Thu to Sun

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This morning at church… being the 1st day of the Chinese New Year, many families from young to seniors, were seen dressed in shades of red participating in the Eucharistic Celebrations together. Mandarin organges were distributed after both English and Mandarin Eucharistic Celebrations.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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From The Heart of CNY 2019 The distribution of blessed oranges in bright cheerful red bags to Parishioners was made on 初一 (the First Day of the Lunar New Year) after both English and Mandarin Eucharistic Celebrations. Two days prior to this, eager volunteers had gathered to help the packing of 1,800 oranges. With everyone helping in the gusto of the community spirit, the exercise of packing oranges took only 30 to 45 minutes. There is no better way to celebrate 初一 with the Lord in mind and heart - parishioners came dressed in various shades of red and in their best. Each gave thanks to the Lord before the commencement of the visiting and feasting with relatives,

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On the journey to grow closer to God, we need communities to bring us to Jesus, especially during our times of struggle or spiritual lethargy. These communities can be informal or formal communities like our family or structured church sharing groups respectively. There lies the importance of building kingdom friendships rather than just friendships of utility or pleasure. Friendships of utility exist because the people involved are useful to each other in some way. Friendships of pleasure exist because we merely enjoy the company of the other. These friendships are not wrong but rather, they are superficial because they are not the divine friendships that God calls us to. God calls us to establish friendships of goodness, where they

Featured Story

Are you a Godly Parent, or Are You a No-good Parent? Now, who am I to talk about parenting? I am neither married, nor do I have any children of my own. However, what I do have is an accumulation of 12 years of experience working with children and teenagers from the age of toddlers to youth. Here are some reflections that have been garnered over the years. These have come as a result of the observations of best and worst practices carried out by the parents of the children and youth under my charge, and also of the general parent I have encountered in the streets. We lift our families up to the most capable hands of the

Featured Story

About 9 years ago, I found myself alone one day with my mother in her room. Already in the final stages of cancer, I saw this once robust and feisty powerhouse wither away before my eyes. As her round-the-clock caregiver – and juggling a full-time job – the stress was overwhelming.  Emotionally, I was grappling with the grim reality that she would soon be leaving us as she grew weaker and weaker. Before family and friends, I put on a brave face. But deep within me, I was heartbroken, lost and in despair at not being able to do more for her. Mummy had always been my rock and pillar of strength – and here she was, inching closer

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A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements. This is the definition of pride according to Pride can manifest itself in many ways. It can be in the explicit form of boasting and showing off to others about our own achievements. It can also be rejecting help from others even when we desperately need help because of the fear of being perceived as incapable. However, many times, it can also be manifested in our false humility. For instance, when someone affirms us for our gift that God has graced upon us, we may choose to shy away from the affirmation. Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18)

Featured Story

Feast Day : 9 September St Peter Claver was born in Catalonia, Spain, and the youngest of 4 children of a well-to-do country farmer. At 13, Peter already decided to become a priest. At 16, he went to Barcelona to study at the university where he became acquainted with the Jesuits, and wanted to become one of them. Whilst doing Philosophy at Montesion College, in Palma, he befriended Br.Alphonsus Rodriguez, who was known for his holiness and excellence as a spiritual guide. It was Alphonsus who encouraged Peter to go to the New World to gather souls for Christ. In 1610, the future saint of the slave trade, together with 3 Jesuit priests, left Spain for Cartagena in the

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