Priorities? A Reflection

Philippians 2:5-11 / Luke 14:15-24

Have we turned down a dinner invitation because we needed to do something else which was unplanned for? Yes, I am quite sure we have, especially if the invitation was not your priority and perhaps, you had accepted it long ago. There must be some reason that compels you to be elsewhere. The words we need to question then are, “What is the priority in your life?”

Now, let us change the question regarding the invitation. I recall the invitations we had recently made to several individuals to come and see what the Catholic Faith was about and how it could be lived. To many, the priority for them was an important one, as it was a reminder to them to sort out their lives, and to seek Christ and the meaning behind living. This was something which they were looking for. Some too, had become distraught trying to find a reason to why something had happened to them. They were searching for answers and thus the invitation to “come and see” was important to them.

However, there were also others who had said yes but could not accept the invitation to the call. The call to that appointment meant taking a long journey for them and this lengthy journey was something that some could not bring themselves to make.

A very familiar story which is told at the  Eucharistic Celebration is one where many Catholics still turn down that call to participate in that special banquet of Christ. That call to participate in His wedding banquet where we eat and drink His flesh and blood. We read in the bible that many had shun away from Him when He said, “you will eat my flesh and drink my blood.” (John 6:53-55) He is calling all of us who have been baptised, to participate fully in this celebration everyday – with the intent to not only turn up but to truly recognise His sacrifice. We should thus fully participate in this heavenly banquet. Our true priority, thus, to be with Jesus and to believe that He is the gift to our Salvation from our Father in Heaven.

How can this be believable? That we who are mere human beings can be part of this wonderful salvific gift? What matters is how we would respond to His call. Is it your priority in life? Is Jesus your priority? Is Anything else more important?

Let us pray that Jesus will move our hearts in His call to participate in His banquet. It is His real flesh and blood that we partake of. While the humble host retains the shape of bread, it has been completely transformed to become Jesus. We need His love. Let’s make that our priority.

By Joseph Yzelman