Lenten Reflections- Mon to Sat (Daily Time: 7pm. Only Sat: 6.45pm)

Stations of the Cross- All Fri (Time: 7am and 7pm)

Parish Cleaning Day – 6 April, Sat

Time: 7am (starting with breakfast and praise & worship)

You Gotto Move it, Move it!- 7 Apr, Sun

Time: 12noon – 2pm (Venue: Level 3 Classrooms)

Penitential Service- 9 Apr, Tue

Time: 8pm (at Church of St Michael)

Briefing- Pilgrimage: St Paul’s Journey  (Greece)- 14 Apr, Sun

Time and Venue to be advised

CSM Family Vacation Time- 20 to 23 Jun, Thu to Sun

Register after all Eucharistic Celebrations